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We're the label that gives away an explosion of wicked free beats for download. A mix of your favorite EDM genes: Hardcore, Happy/UK Hardcore, Psy Trance & more.


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Featuring: DJ S3RL, PsySpam, Erofex, Womprat, DJ Triex + more

Neuro Technika

Are you ready for 'RuffBeatz: Degeneration'? The dubstep release so dirty that it will degenerate your eardrums! You'll be hearing comments like 'This is filthier than the water in Africa' from friends and neighbours for days!

A special bonus for everyone this release — a free RuffBeatz wallpaper to put on your desktop — is included in the download.

»Check out the preview video«


  1. Womp Rat - War Elephant
  2. Womp Rat - Baphomet
  3. Johnny Foreplay - Bionic
  4. Oblivi0n - Like A New F^ck
  5. DANRG - Mankind
  6. Mathix - Proper
  7. 1-Slice - The Weekend Has Landed
  8. gravy.tron - 1111
  9. gravy.tron - doesn't + up
  10. DJ Shibb - Hide yo Kids Hide yo Sprites (Wick-it vs Skrillex) bootleg
  11. Oddy - Fscking Wobble

Hope you enjoy it!

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