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We're the label that gives away an explosion of wicked free beats for download. A mix of your favorite EDM genes: Hardcore, Happy/UK Hardcore, Psy Trance & more.


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Featuring: DJ S3RL, PsySpam, Erofex, Womprat, DJ Triex + more


RuffBeatz returns with an all new Dubstep albomb (Yes thats right, albomb)! Featuring some familiar faces from our 'Degeneration [004]' release: Womp Rat and Mathix - as well as some great new ones. This release is bound to please any Dubstep heads! There's even a huge Drumstep tune from Kidnap & Ransom, and a Chase & Status remix from Benny M!

»Check out the preview, courtesy of DJ D-Tor!«

For anyone waiting on the J-Core/Freeform/UK Hardcore release, it's still set to come out on the 24th! More info and a preview will be out soon!


  1. Full Tilt - Kidnap & Ransom
  2. Womp Rat - Glasgow Smile
  3. Womp Rat - ಠ_ಠ (Disapproving Look)
  4. Benzion - Hitchhike to Gaza
  5. Benzion - Mr. Boob
  6. Sandstrøm - In-Sito
  7. Mathix - Trippy
  8. Galningen - Shrunken Heads
  9. Stizreth - Fallout World
  10. Chase & Status - Time Ft. Delilah (DJ Benny M Remix)


Hope you enjoy it!

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