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download free beats, beats for free, free beats
We're the label that gives away an explosion of wicked free beats for download. A mix of your favorite EDM genes: Hardcore, Happy/UK Hardcore, Psy Trance & more.


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Featuring: DJ S3RL, PsySpam, Erofex, Womprat, DJ Triex + more


After a few days of problems with uploading, we finally have "Hardcore Recharge" all ready for for you!

Another free HIGH ENERGY album from RuffBeatz, fully unmixed (dj friendly) - high quality 320kbps tracks! If you liked our last J-Core and Happy Hardcore album - Audio Crysis, you must get this one!


  1. DJ Triex - Shinsengumi (Mr. Mann Remix)
  2. Shadow feat. Marie Louise - The Spirit of Yesterday (Skeets Remix)
  3. RedMoon Deejay - Forever (Skeets Remix)
  4. Block-E - Flying High
  5. Smartyz - 2 Hawt
  6. Nakura - The Cube
  7. Nakura & DJ Triex - Scarlet Sky
  8. Æternity - The Remix You Don't Know
  9. 3R2 - Meteor Storm
  10. DJ SymBiotiX - Good Vibrations
  11. DJ Disite - Into the Night (DJ Disite Remix)


Hope you enjoy it!

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