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We're the label that gives away an explosion of wicked free beats for download. A mix of your favorite EDM genes: Hardcore, Happy/UK Hardcore, Psy Trance & more.


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Featuring: DJ S3RL, PsySpam, Erofex, Womprat, DJ Triex + more


アーティスト : V.A.
タイトル : Freeformaniacs & RuffBeatz Present - Freeformatted Vol. 1
レーベル : Ruffbeatz/Freeformaniacs
品番 : RB009
価格 : FREE / Worldwide Price: FREE


RuffBeatz has teamed up with the Freeformaniacs radio show to bring you a HUGE freeform release. Featuring some of our favourite artists in this genre. ヾ(・ω・*)ノ

This collaboration provides our fans with high quality freeform tracks in a new series of releases. Hope you guys like it!



  1. Le Dos-on - TRANSFORMER
  2. Wyrm & Surtr - Yggdrasil
  3. SamHard vs Meke - E.C.
  4. H-Blast Energetix - Back 2 Nature
  5. Firefly vs Pulse - Crazy Pillz
  6. Cytik - Say Yeah
  7. DAT - Titan
  8. Apex - Instinct
  9. Erkenfresh - Rapid Lucidity
  10. Custom Built DJs - Everest
  11. Custom Built DJs - More Important Things
  12. Qygen - Glasseyes
  13. Kilamorza - Sirius


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