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download free beats, beats for free, free beats
We're the label that gives away an explosion of wicked free beats for download. A mix of your favorite EDM genes: Hardcore, Happy/UK Hardcore, Psy Trance & more.


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Featuring: DJ S3RL, PsySpam, Erofex, Womprat, DJ Triex + more

Hardcore Resistance Art

The long awaited RuffBeatz #10 album is finally here, can you resist downloading this FREE banging release? Featuring new artists and driving hardcore basslines that just make you want to party... You don’t wanna skip this!

Just have a listen to the below preview and make up your own mind. \(^ ^)/



  1. KisekiDJ & DJ Triex - Arcenciel (S3RL Remix)
  2. Audio Warfare - Americana (Riff Mix)
  3. Hi-Marx & RichBdaMAN - Breathe Again (Da Rudeboyz Anthem)
  4. DJ Triex - How Do You Do
  5. Daniel Seven & Nakura - Bakanbetanbitendrag
  6. Ranzor - Shining Light
  7. Moogl3 & REViSE - Post Script
  8. DJ 490 - Cloudy (3R2 Remix)
  9. DJ Triex - Code 6
  10. Aghast - Spine Splitter


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