Hardcore Seduction Vol.1 Info

on 13 Mar 2012. Posted in Releases

Hardcore Seduction Vol.1 Info
アーティスト : V.A.
タイトル : Hardcore Seduction Vol.1
レーベル : Ruffbeatz/TM Sounds Label
品番 : TM-RB001
価格 : 1,800円(税込) / Worldwide Price: $20 AUD

『RuffBeatz: Hardcore Seduction Vol. 1』 is very near. For those of you who are out of the loop - that’s the HUGE CD release that we’ve been planning! Finally we can release the full tracklist to you.

Celestial Hyperspeed: Psyform Release

Written by Triex on 18 Jan 2012. Posted in Releases

Celestial Hyperspeed: Psyform Release

We have a bit of a special release to give away! Today we bring you the scrumptious RuffBeatz 008 - Celestial Hyperspeed, by Qygen! Originally to us as a demo, we liked it so much that we had to smash it out as a full release!


  1. Qygen - Psyberwarfare (Short Edit)
  2. Qygen - 721
  3. Qygen - Moonlight Shower (Freeform Mix Remaster)
  4. Qygen - Digiplex
  5. Qygen - Dough Djinn Corps
  6. Qygen - Neoncircuitboards
  7. Qygen - Fafjlksa
  8. Qygen - Vast
  9. Qygen - L.E.D. Galaxy
  10. Qygen - Foreign Horizon

Hardcore Seduction | Japan & Intl CD Release

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Hardcore Seduction | Japan & Intl CD Release

RuffBeatz has a bit of a secret to reveal to you today - we will be releasing a massive CD album in February 2012. This will be our first paid release. Woo!

It will showcase some amazing talent from Australia, as well as around the world. Personally, I can't wait - check out the list below!

Contributing Artists

  • S3RL
  • Eufeion
  • Skeets
  • Helblinde
  • Weaver
  • Mr. Mann
  • Triex
  • Influx
  • Ultraviolence (Audio Damage)
  • M-Project
  • Shimamura

'Hardcore Seduction Vol. 1' will be released in conjunction with our friends over at Technomirage! A full tracklist, more info and preview will be out very soon.