Flow Theory

Location: Sydney, Australia

Links: SoundCloud - Facebook - YouTube - Website

You're on the dancefloor, not thinking, just dancing; everything has come together in one pure moment of coordination and connectivity. The sense of time becomes distorted; self-consciousness disappears. Time flies. Science calls this 'being in a state of flow'. It's Flow Theory.

The adventure began in the psychedelic trance hotbed of Cape Town, South Africa. From there he’s played the concrete jungles of London club residencies; Brazil’s infamous Universo Paralello festival; Australia’s Subsonic, Regrowth, Lost the Plot, Rabbits Eat Lettuce, Psyfari and Earthcore festivals, and South Africa’s Groovy Troopers, Tswaing Crater Gathering and Equinox Experience.

In 2019 Flow Theory has been working on several productions, including latest release ‘Black Hole’ in collaboration with Triex of RuffBeatz Records. He also co-founded the Cosmic Temple, bringing Aussie and international artists to Sydney each month. Flow Theory is honoured to have supported some of his favourite artists, psytrance legends Ace Ventura, Astrix, Avalon, Broken Toy, Blastoyz, Burn In Noise, Day Din, Egorythmia, Headroom, Infected Mushroom, Loud, Major7, NitroDrop, Skizologic, Static Movement, Talpa, U-Recken, Vini Vici, Zen Mechanics and Zyce to name a few.

All these experiences have led to Flow Theory’s signature sound: a crisp fusion of full-on psychedelic and rhythmic progressive psytrance with a hint of driving techno. This style is crafted for daytime or night, and brought alive by a joyous, inclusive and dynamic stage presence.

The name is more than just a handle, it’s a way to explain the concept of being – aiming for and experiencing a state of flow. You'll know his work when you find yourself on a dance floor, your whole being involved and your senses fully engaged. Time flies...