Location: Tacoma, Washington, United States

Links: Soundcloud - Mediafire (free DLs)

Hello, I'm Eric. I'm an amateur electronic music producer and a beginning bedroom DJ inspired by many things. I played the trombone for 6 years from 2002 to 2008, but I stopped playing because I didn't find the joy in playing the music as much as I did composing. I started pumping out some ambient tracks and experimental electronic music in 2006 for about 3 years, and finally setting my mind on freeform hardcore/Goa from about 2009 onwards. I still continue to produce today as a hobby. I have no intention of making any kind of personal profit from any of my songs, so please feel free to download, upload, and distribute my music as you like.

Here is a mediafire folder full of my better tracks (imho) starting from 2007 onward that may or may not be on my soundcloud: www.mediafire.com/?hxqj0uoo1eea3