Location: Santa Clara, United States

Links: Soundcloud - Facebook

core*mc / REViSE is an American MC/DJ focusing on collaborating with Japanese UK Hardcore/Gabber Artists He has been featured on tracks composed by Noizenecio, Kors K, kenta-v.ez, as well as MYOSUKE. Currently he belongs to the label SPRITE RECORDINGS based in Japan, as well as US Underground Label, Hardcore Synergy. Not only does he MC, but he DJ's as well. This soundcloud account will be used not only to showcase his MC tracks, but to showcase his mixes as well.

Information about SPRITE RECORDINGS: Sprite Recordings is a far east melodic dance music label which produces high quality Trance (Uplifting / Progressive) and Hardcore (UK) tracks.

Twitter: @its_corey

Facebook: facebook.com/ver2dx

Bookings / Collaboration contact info: [email protected]