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RuffBeatz: Escape Reality Vol. 2 Coming 20/04

Written by Triex on 03 Apr 2018. Posted in Other News, Releases

RuffBeatz: Escape Reality Vol. 2 Coming 20/04
アーティスト : V.A.
タイトル : RuffBeatz: Escape Reality Vol.2
レーベル : RuffBeatz
品番 : RB014
価格 : 無料 / Worldwide Price: FREE

Escape Reality 2 is almost here.

Featuring: tracks from Shibass, Samra, Cosmic Flow, Drop Runner, Tripo & Von Zeus, Progix, Midicinal Noize, Bornvibe. Compiled by Triex, Australia. Mastered by artists, and Simon Neumann/Zeamoon, Germany.

We are super excited to add that the cover has been concocted from a stunning painting by none other then renowned artist/painter - Cathrin Machin! You should definitely check out her art!

Look out for the release on 20/04/18 and escape with us.

Escape Reality Vol.1 - 1/11/16

on 22 Oct 2016. Posted in Other News, Releases

Free VA Announcement

RuffBeatz brings forth the most mind-blowing compilation album of the millennia. An astronomical adventure awaits. Stars from all corners of the universe have been sent on a voyage to earth to enlighten and radiate their sound, bringing us to Escape Reality.

Skazi, Mandragora, WHITENO1SE, ShiBass, Progix, Devochka, CeZZers, LocoWeed, Beat Controllers, ThorusWrath, and Aquatica have all come together to distort your mind.

We’re really pleased with the outcome of this VA and can't wait to share it with everyone on the 1st!

Landing 1/11/16

White Noise (Israel) / Escape Reality album launch party in Sydney!

on 18 Sep 2016. Posted in Events, Other News

White Noise (Israel) / Escape Reality album launch party in Sydney!

#Sydney RuffBeatzFam!!!

>> Facebook event / full info <<

RuffBeatz is bringing the "Escape Reality' experience to Sydney. Featuring WHITENO1SE from Israel, an act renowned around the world for his chunky, yet melodic / orchestral influenced sound, as well as some of our favourite local/interstate talent to keep the flow. This is a limited entry industry party open to all lovers of Psychedelic Trance music!

There will be various give-aways, including limited-run CDs of the album, lollies, glow sticks & other fun stuff!

Anyone who held tickets to the previous Escape Reality party will have free entry & be given a limited edition CD~

VA / Album announcements coming very soon!

Let's Get Mushy Vol 2

Written by Triex on 09 Aug 2016. Posted in Other News

Let's Get Mushy Vol 2

With the first get mushy album being so successful and the launch party in 2014 - we just had to organize another one in the series!

Australia-based RuffBeatz Entertainment returns in 2016 to present the second edition of Get Mushy, a fusion of different styles of psytrance showcasing talented producers from around Australia and abroad.

A tasteful spread of eclectic influences taking you on an auditory adventure. Music lovers, join us on this journey as we traverse through full-on sounds with a hint of progressive. Fully immerse yourself within serendipity; take part in this emotional connection to the universe.

The new RuffBeatz!

Written by Triex on 11 Dec 2014. Posted in Other News

The new RuffBeatz!

Hey everyone, welcome to the new RuffBeatz site. It has been a while, finally we are finally back and we're going to be bigger then ever!!! Most of the functionality we wanted is working great. However, the website is currently released in BETA, some things aren't finished so if you notice any issues please let us know.

The idea was to create something a bit like a discography/IMDB - easy to navigate through albums, linking to the artists, and artists linking back to the albums they've participated in. Woo!

To go along with the new RuffBeatz, we have a brand new, sweet Psy Trance album for you to grab!

Yes. This means that there will be heaps of new releases, so far in the works:

  • Multi-Genre RuffBeatz showcase
  • Progressive Psy Trance
  • Happy/UK Hardcore & J-Core
  • Fullon Psy Trance

Hardcore Seduction | Japan & Intl CD Release

on 10 Jan 2012. Posted in Other News

Hardcore Seduction | Japan & Intl CD Release

RuffBeatz has a bit of a secret to reveal to you today - we will be releasing a massive CD album in February 2012. This will be our first paid release. Woo!

It will showcase some amazing talent from Australia, as well as around the world. Personally, I can't wait - check out the list below!

Contributing Artists

  • S3RL
  • Eufeion
  • Skeets
  • Helblinde
  • Weaver
  • Mr. Mann
  • Triex
  • Influx
  • Ultraviolence (Audio Damage)
  • M-Project
  • Shimamura

'Hardcore Seduction Vol. 1' will be released in conjunction with our friends over at Technomirage! A full tracklist, more info and preview will be out very soon.