First Release: All Systems Go!!

on Saturday, 26 June 2010. Posted in Releases

First Release: All Systems Go!!

Been craving some nice high quality tunes? Well look no further! Check out our first RuffBeatz release! 

Sporting over 11000 downloads and counting! This multigenere double compilation by Dj Triex of RuffBeatz Entertainment[AU] and Mystic.47 of Psycho Numberz[NL] showcases many genres including; Hardcore, Gabber, Dubstep, Makina, Hardstyle, Techno, and Psytrance all showing you different colors and tastes of Electronic Dance Music(EDM) gathered together to take you on an amazing musical journey. Dont miss this outstanding release!

->Check out the preview video<-

RuffBeatz Tracklist

  1. DJ Triex - Dreamweaver
  2. PsySpam vs. Volcano - Hot Thoughts
  3. Erofex - Drama Dreams
  4. DJ Triex - Caverns Of Time
  5. Helblinde - Ego
  6. DJ Vilo - You Cant Stop Us
  7. Matt Luminate ft. Josh Sardana - Fall For You (Mr Mann Remix)
  8. Starstruck ft. Natalie - Someone Like U
  9. S3RL vs DJ Triex - No Humans Allowed (Vilo mix)
  10. S3RL vs DJ Triex - No Humans Allowed
  11. Pyrotense - Scream
  12. DJ Triex - Disobey and Die (Extended Mix)

Deadly Experiments Tracklist

  1. DJ DISITE - Hell On Earth
  2. MoTioNbLur - Empty Eyes
  3. Mystic.47 - Experiment-Destruction
  4. Imil - Freedom XV
  5. Benga Ft. Coki - Night (Kch'22 Remix)
  6. DJ Triex - Disobey or Die (K.H.D. Remix)
  7. Mystic.47 - Taiko Taiko Taiko (DJ Huggies Redrum)
  8. K.H.D. - Black Gabba
  9. Anglerdrone - Just Show At Least Some Lil' Respect! (It Differz Now, You Know! Mix)
  10. DJ Triex - Disobey And Die (DJ Huggies Remix)
  11. FANGiRL - Ripped To Shreds
  12. Pyroblast - Yap That Fool
  13. Redhardsound - Automati-k
  14. DJ Triex - Disobey And Die (Mystic.47 Remix)
  15. Redhardsound - Without You
  16. F-Shock - Universal Feelings
  17. K.H.D. - It's Just Me
  18. Bazzz-Attack & MC Stash - Never Die
  19. Black Ace - Slow Fraction
  20. DJ Shoujo - Kawaiistep


By popular demand, now available for separate download on mediafire!