RuffBeatz: Audio Crysis

Written by Triex on Wednesday, 27 April 2011. Posted in Releases

RuffBeatz: Audio Crysis

Audio Crysis

J-Core UK/Happy Hardcore and Freeform rolled into one sweet compilation album! RuffBeatz: Audio Crysis is out now! Grab it before the evil penguins eat you! Why evil penguins? I don’t know! Just grab it while its hot!

We also have another two Dubstep releases in the works! A RB.Special - ‘Sandstrøm EP’ and another full compilation album! (No set dates for either of these as of yet.)



  1. Helblinde - Ritsuen!!
  2. DJ Triex - Shinsengumi
  3. DJ Triex - Shinsengumi (Archefluxx Remix)
  4. KisekiDJ & DJ Triex - Arcenciel
  5. Smartyz - Dance
  6. Basshunter - Walk On Water (Synthwulf & Rude Effect Remix)
  7. 3R2 - The Scarlet Sky
  8. 3R2 - Ultimate Affection
  9. Helblinde - Hardcore Frontiers 2011
  10. Mr. Mann - Hamsters
  11. Norcore - Skycoaster


Hope you enjoy it!

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