Second Release: Urban Invasion!

on Monday, 09 August 2010.

Preview Text

All systems go!

After some hard work and elbow grease, RuffBeatz has returned with our latest release - Urban Invasion! Featuring some sick choonz from artists in experimental Hardstyle to Hardcore - even a dubstep track!

Not to mention S3RL’s banger: ‘Wipeout Bird’. Have you heard the word?

»Check out the preview video«

RuffBeatz Tracklist

  1. Helblinde - One missed call
  2. S3RL - Wipeout Bird
  3. K.H.D. - Twisted
  4. K.H.D. - Mechanism Alpha
  5. DANRG - [Cloverfield]
  6. DJ Clonepa - Mutilate Part VII
  7. Pyrotense - Bassline Soldiers
  8. Shingo Dj - Go!
  9. DJ Triex - DumbStep

Hope you enjoy it!