Who is Triex?

Triex is a young DJ/Producer who is known for his creative input in the underground Electronic Dance Music scene. He is known for delivering his heart-racing beats, engaging melodies and driving basslines to dancefloors all over the country and the world.

Some say his music possesses the ability to create Aural Sensations beyond mortal capacity. Others say he is just some kid who makes that annoying dance music. He has only just recently gotten serious about his music, and is loving every second of it! 

Together with Bornvibe, he is also known under his duo project alias of 'Arcsun'. Arcsun is a Brisbane based Psychedelic Trance duo formed with the aim of blending Psy Trance with a fusion of different genres to meet everyone’s sound fix!

Triex also runs 'RuffBeatz Entertainment' (, where he collaborates with many talented artists. He has multiple EP's and compilation albums to his name and label, featuring producers such as S3RL, Hellraiser, Erofex and even ITP! 

Having recently changed his musical style from the usual hard hitting J-Core and Happy Hardcore to the more funky sound of Psychedelic Trance, you should be sure to watch out for Triex as he blasts his way into the psychedelic music world!