RuffBeatz: Get Mushy Vol.1


RuffBeatz: Get Mushy Vol. 1

Cat#: RB011

Released: December, 2014

RuffBeatz returns after a year long hiatus, and this time we’re moving away from our Rave roots and Getting Mushy with a nice 'n' chunky Psychedelic album.

Beautifully mastered by Erofex of Neurotrance and featuring some amazingly talented artists, this album will take you on a timeless journey to a place where the universe travels around you, instead of you traversing the universe.

An exploration of untraversed realms, a new era of RuffBeatz releases... Prepare for your neurological audio cortex to be mushed into pure bliss!

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  1. Upsydown - Slutty Bitch
  2. Bornvibe - Limitless (Original Mix)
  3. Triex - They Live
  4. Abstrakt - Open Heart
  5. Penumbra - Judgement
  6. Triex - Just a Weed
  7. killik - Sulfur
  8. Abstrakt - Dreamspell
  9. Erofex - Soul Extension
  10. Penumbra - My Desktop