Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

Links: Soundcloud - Facebook

Oxya is a robot.
.Manufactured back in 1982 and of unknown origin, it has its primary base established in Greece and it exists among humans, using the legit name Joey Dianos.

.Its main purpose as a time-traveling robot, is to constantly import sounds to the present time from the past and the future. .Oxya’s unique psychedelic sound grinds European parties and festivals since 2008, while counting numerous releases by various labels globally, and growing a satisfied and happy audience on a daily basis.

.Music style:
A well crafted mixture of raw organic analog sounds, digital minimalism, fat bass lines, kinky harmonies and solid groove. At 145 to 148 bpm, either with full on power, forest soundscapes, techy vibe or twilight feel, the closest to describe Oxya’s sound is ‘night psytrance’.

.Past appearances include: Somuna fest (CH), Waha fest (RO), Veschiy Moh fest (RU), Aurora fest (GR), Tangra fest (BG) .Releases on: Adapted rec (AUS), Neurotrance rec (BO), Psyde Effect rec (NL), Nightbase rec (CH), Random rec (UK), and many more.