Location: Brisbane, Australia

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Abstrakt is a evolved psytrance artist that has been producing since 2008. From the east coast of Australia where "Bush Doofs" rule and psytrance is all. Distinctive basslines, melodic leads, funky rhythm's and out of body soundscapes gives "ABSTRAKT" his sound.

Influenced by the intricate & cognitive psycadellic mind and artists that have a cutting edge ability to enter the Mind, Body & Spirit.

Thriving on psychedelic music for the past 15 yrs he has been traveling, connecting, loving, learning, sharing & creating a positive vibe throughout the entire journey.

"Abstrakt Psytrance" is a collection of his best psychedelic production, skills & Sounds from over the past 4 yrs of work. Cognitive rhythms & layered soundscapes, solid basslines, spatial dynamics, funky grooves and a very positive vibration is what gives Abstrakt his sound.

See you on the dance floor!

Abstrakt Psytrance
Body - Mind - Spririt