Audio Exposure 16+ Rave

This is for everyone in Brisbane, or anyone who feels like coming to Brisbane for an awesome event!

Personally, we think there should be more quality “rave” events in Brisbane. The goal of Audio Exposure is to bring a true rave experience, not only for over-age people but also underage!

So RuffBeatz has joined forces with ‘AudioKaos‘ to bring you a huge event, with an even bigger lineup!!! (including: Womp Rat(USA), S3RL & Triex, Rushnosh, Spinifex & Rycore, Demize, Kid Kaotic and Face Invada)

Tickets will be available on the 1st of July either through a ticket Ambassador or online!

We’ll be posting updates on our Facebook Page (make sure you ‘like’ us!) as well as here.

Check out the Facebook Event for more info.