Fourth Release: Degeneration

Are you ready for ‘RuffBeatz: Degeneration’? The dubstep release so dirty that it will degenerate your eardrums! You’ll be hearing comments like ‘This is filthier than the water in Africa’ from friends and neighbours for days!

A special bonus for everyone this release — a free RuffBeatz wallpaper to put on your desktop — is included in the download.

»Check out the preview video«


  1. Womp Rat – War Elephant
  2. Womp Rat – Baphomet
  3. Johnny Foreplay – Bionic
  4. Oblivi0n – Like A New F^ck
  5. DANRG – Mankind
  6. Mathix – Proper
  7. 1-Slice – The Weekend Has Landed
  8. gravy.tron – 1111
  9. gravy.tron – doesn’t + up
  10. DJ Shibb – Hide yo Kids Hide yo Sprites (Wick-it vs Skrillex) bootleg
  11. Oddy – Fscking Wobble

Hope you enjoy it!

RuffBeatz Special EP’s

RuffBeatz has a couple of sweet new ‘two track EP’s’ to give away! By two of our resident artists Mr Mann & K.H.D. Showing some of their wicked talent — they’re both sure to please! Download below & share them with your friends.

We also have two VA full albums planned for the next few months!

  1. RuffBeatz: Degeneration [RB004] – Dubstep/DnB
  2. RuffBeatz: Audio Crysis [RB005] – J-Core/Freeform/Happy-UK Hardcore

Look out for them, and enjoy!

Mr Mann – Groundshaker EP [RuffBeatz SP0.01]

A sweet EP for all the bouncy Happy/UK Hardcore fans!

SP0.01 Tracklist

  1. Mr. Mann – Groundshaker
  2. Mr. Mann – Curbstomp

K.H.D – Asynchronmaschine EP [RuffBeatz SP0.02]

A bangin’ Dark Hardcore EP for anyone who’s into something a little harder!

SP0.02 Tracklist

  1. Asynchronmaschine – Epileptic
  2. K.H.D. – I Want The Truth

Third Release: Neuro Technika

RuffBeatz has returned with an all new Psy Trance release that will mush your neurological auditory cortex from start to finish!

Compiled by DJ Triex, featuring many high quality tracks from an array of amazing artists and styles. From PsySpam/ITP, to Erofex. Whether or not you’re into psy, Neuro Technika is sure to please!

»Check out the preview video«


  1. PsySpam vs. Volcano – MainScream
  2. Mr. Mann – Heliocentric
  3. H1N1 – Desintoxication
  4. Stereopanic – Toxicomania
  5. Hyper drive v.s Numenon – Resonance
  6. Organikka – Xplosive
  7. Dj Triex – Disobey and Die (Erofex Remix)
  8. Shingo Dj – Meridian
  9. Mr. Mann – Heliocentric (VIP Dubstep Mix)
  10. Iliuchina – Anikshelaeek

Hope you enjoy it!

Alternate download link! (Mediafire)

Neuro Technika Update

Unfortunately we’ve had to set back the Psy Trance release ‘Neuro Technika’ a little. Do not fret, we are working to get it out to everyone as soon as possible!

To keep everyone’s mouths watering, I’ve made up a preview video and have released tracklist below! 🙂

»Check out the preview video«

Neuro Technika Tracklist

  1. PsySpam vs. Volcano – MainScream
  2. Mr Mann – Heliocentric
  3. Iliuchina – Anikshelaeek
  4. Organikka – Xplosive
  5. DJ Triex – Disobey and Die (Erofex Remix)
  6. Hyper Drive v.s. Numenon – Resonance
  7. Shingo DJ – Meridian
  8. Mr Mann – Heliocentric (VIP Dubstep Mix)

Look out for it!

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Second Release: Urban Invasion!

After some hard work and elbow grease, RuffBeatz has returned with our latest release – Urban Invasion! Featuring some sick choonz from artists in experimental Hardstyle to Hardcore – even a dubstep track!

Not to mention S3RL’s banger: ‘Wipeout Bird’. Have you heard the word?

»Check out the preview video«


  1. Helblinde – One missed call
  2. S3RL – Wipeout Bird
  3. K.H.D. – Twisted
  4. K.H.D. – Mechanism Alpha
  5. DANRG – [Cloverfield]
  6. DJ Clonepa – Mutilate Part VII
  7. Pyrotense – Bassline Soldiers
  8. Shingo Dj – Go!
  9. DJ Triex – DumbStep

Hope you enjoy it!

Upcoming Releases Update

Hey everyone

We haven’t posted any updates as of yet. So here goes.

The first RuffBeatz release now has over 15000 downloads… Thats insane! A lot more than we were expecting. Thanks to everyone who downloaded it, and the RuffBeatz-team hopes you enjoyed both sides of the VA. 🙂 Down to business, RuffBeatz has a few upcoming releases planned:

Album 2: Urban Invasion

Hardcore, Dubstep & Hardstyle. Coming early August

Album 3: Neuro Technika

Psy & Intelligent Dance Music. Coming mid September

Album 4: Audio Crysis

Happy/UK Hardcore & Hard Dance/Trance. Coming November

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We’re currently seeking sponsors to help with our bandwidth costs. A great opportunity for exposure to a music loving audience! If your interested or know of someone who might be, please contact [email protected].

First Release: All Systems Go!!

Been craving some nice high quality tunes? Well look no further! Check out our first RuffBeatz release!

Sporting over 11000 downloads and counting! This multigenere double compilation by Dj Triex of RuffBeatz Entertainment[AU] and Mystic.47 of Psycho Numberz[NL] showcases many genres including; Hardcore, Gabber, Dubstep, Makina, Hardstyle, Techno, and Psytrance all showing you different colors and tastes of Electronic Dance Music(EDM) gathered together to take you on an amazing musical journey. Dont miss this outstanding release!

->Check out the preview video<-

RuffBeatz Tracklist

  1. DJ Triex – Dreamweaver
  2. PsySpam vs. Volcano – Hot Thoughts
  3. Erofex – Drama Dreams
  4. DJ Triex – Caverns Of Time
  5. Helblinde – Ego
  6. DJ Vilo – You Cant Stop Us
  7. Matt Luminate ft. Josh Sardana – Fall For You (Mr Mann Remix)
  8. Starstruck ft. Natalie – Someone Like U
  9. S3RL vs DJ Triex – No Humans Allowed (Vilo mix)
  10. S3RL vs DJ Triex – No Humans Allowed
  11. Pyrotense – Scream
  12. DJ Triex – Disobey and Die (Extended Mix)

Deadly Experiments Tracklist

  1. DJ DISITE – Hell On Earth
  2. MoTioNbLur – Empty Eyes
  3. Mystic.47 – Experiment-Destruction
  4. Imil – Freedom XV
  5. Benga Ft. Coki – Night (Kch’22 Remix)
  6. DJ Triex – Disobey or Die (K.H.D. Remix)
  7. Mystic.47 – Taiko Taiko Taiko (DJ Huggies Redrum)
  8. K.H.D. – Black Gabba
  9. Anglerdrone – Just Show At Least Some Lil’ Respect! (It Differz Now, You Know! Mix)
  10. DJ Triex – Disobey And Die (DJ Huggies Remix)
  11. FANGiRL – Ripped To Shreds
  12. Pyroblast – Yap That Fool
  13. Redhardsound – Automati-k
  14. DJ Triex – Disobey And Die (Mystic.47 Remix)
  15. Redhardsound – Without You
  16. F-Shock – Universal Feelings
  17. K.H.D. – It’s Just Me
  18. Bazzz-Attack & MC Stash – Never Die
  19. Black Ace – Slow Fraction
  20. DJ Shoujo – Kawaiistep


By popular demand, now available for separate download on mediafire!