RuffBeatz Special EP's

RuffBeatz Special EP’s

RuffBeatz has a couple of sweet new ‘two track EP’s’ to give away! By two of our resident artists Mr Mann & K.H.D. Showing some of their wicked talent — they’re both sure to please! Download below & share them with your friends.

We also have two VA full albums planned for the next few months!

  1. RuffBeatz: Degeneration [RB004] – Dubstep/DnB
  2. RuffBeatz: Audio Crysis [RB005] – J-Core/Freeform/Happy-UK Hardcore

Look out for them, and enjoy!

Mr Mann – Groundshaker EP [RuffBeatz SP0.01]

A sweet EP for all the bouncy Happy/UK Hardcore fans!

SP0.01 Tracklist

  1. Mr. Mann – Groundshaker
  2. Mr. Mann – Curbstomp

K.H.D – Asynchronmaschine EP [RuffBeatz SP0.02]

A bangin’ Dark Hardcore EP for anyone who’s into something a little harder!

SP0.02 Tracklist

  1. Asynchronmaschine – Epileptic
  2. K.H.D. – I Want The Truth