The new RuffBeatz!

Hey everyone, welcome to the new RuffBeatz site. It has been a while, finally we are finally back and we’re going to be bigger then ever!!! Most of the functionality we wanted is working great. However, the website is currently released in BETA, some things aren’t finished so if you notice any issues please let us know.

The idea was to create something a bit like a discography/IMDB – easy to navigate through albums, linking to the artists, and artists linking back to the albums they’ve participated in. Woo!

To go along with the new RuffBeatz, we have a brand new, sweet Psy Trance album for you to grab!

Yes. This means that there will be heaps of new releases, so far in the works:

  • Multi-Genre RuffBeatz showcase
  • Progressive Psy Trance
  • Happy/UK Hardcore & J-Core
  • Fullon Psy Trance