Celestial Hyperspeed: Psyform Release

We have a bit of a special release to give away! Today we bring you the scrumptious RuffBeatz 008 – Celestial Hyperspeed, by Qygen! Originally to us as a demo, we liked it so much that we had to smash it out as a full release!


  1. Qygen – Psyberwarfare (Short Edit)
  2. Qygen – 721
  3. Qygen – Moonlight Shower (Freeform Mix Remaster)
  4. Qygen – Digiplex
  5. Qygen – Dough Djinn Corps
  6. Qygen – Neoncircuitboards
  7. Qygen – Fafjlksa
  8. Qygen – Vast
  9. Qygen – L.E.D. Galaxy
  10. Qygen – Foreign Horizon

If you’re into Psy Trance, Freeform, or Psy-form you will love this! Prepare for mind-melting and download it below!

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Hardcore Seduction | Japan & Intl CD Release

RuffBeatz has a bit of a secret to reveal to you today – we will be releasing a massive CD album in February 2012. This will be our first paid release. Woo!

It will showcase some amazing talent from Australia, as well as around the world. Personally, I can’t wait – check out the list below!

Contributing Artists

  • S3RL
  • Eufeion
  • Skeets
  • Helblinde
  • Weaver
  • Mr. Mann
  • Triex
  • Influx
  • Ultraviolence (Audio Damage)
  • M-Project
  • Shimamura
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J-Core/HH Release: Hardcore Recharge

After a few days of problems with uploading, we finally have “Hardcore Recharge” all ready for for you!

Another free HIGH ENERGY album from RuffBeatz, fully unmixed (dj friendly) – high quality 320kbps tracks! If you liked our last J-Core and Happy Hardcore album – Audio Crysis, you must get this one!


  1. DJ Triex – Shinsengumi (Mr. Mann Remix)
  2. Shadow feat. Marie Louise – The Spirit of Yesterday (Skeets Remix)
  3. RedMoon Deejay – Forever (Skeets Remix)
  4. Block-E – Flying High
  5. Smartyz – 2 Hawt
  6. Nakura – The Cube
  7. Nakura & DJ Triex – Scarlet Sky
  8. Æternity – The Remix You Don’t Know
  9. 3R2 – Meteor Storm
  10. DJ SymBiotiX – Good Vibrations
  11. DJ Disite – Into the Night (DJ Disite Remix)
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Dubstep Release: Hardbass Warfare

RuffBeatz returns with an all new Dubstep albomb (Yes thats right, albomb)! Featuring some familiar faces from our ‘Degeneration [004]‘ release: Womp Rat and Mathix – as well as some great new ones. This release is bound to please any Dubstep heads! There’s even a huge Drumstep tune from Kidnap & Ransom, and a Chase & Status remix from Benny M!

»Check out the preview, courtesy of DJ D-Tor!«

For anyone waiting on the J-Core/Freeform/UK Hardcore release, it’s still set to come out on the 24th! More info and a preview will be out soon!


  1. Full Tilt – Kidnap & Ransom
  2. Womp Rat – Glasgow Smile
  3. Womp Rat – ಠ_ಠ (Disapproving Look)
  4. Benzion – Hitchhike to Gaza
  5. Benzion – Mr. Boob
  6. Sandstrøm – In-Sito
  7. Mathix – Trippy
  8. Galningen – Shrunken Heads
  9. Stizreth – Fallout World
  10. Chase & Status – Time Ft. Delilah (DJ Benny M Remix)
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Audio Exposure 16+ Rave

This is for everyone in Brisbane, or anyone who feels like coming to Brisbane for an awesome event!

Personally, we think there should be more quality “rave” events in Brisbane. The goal of Audio Exposure is to bring a true rave experience, not only for over-age people but also underage!

So RuffBeatz has joined forces with ‘AudioKaos‘ to bring you a huge event, with an even bigger lineup!!! (including: Womp Rat(USA), S3RL & Triex, Rushnosh, Spinifex & Rycore, Demize, Kid Kaotic and Face Invada)

Tickets will be available on the 1st of July either through a ticket Ambassador or online!

We’ll be posting updates on our Facebook Page (make sure you ‘like’ us!) as well as here.

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RuffBeatz: Audio Crysis

J-Core UK/Happy Hardcore and Freeform rolled into one sweet compilation album! RuffBeatz: Audio Crysis is out now! Grab it before the evil penguins eat you! Why evil penguins? I don’t know! Just grab it while its hot!

We also have another two Dubstep releases in the works! A RB.Special – ‘Sandstrøm EP’ and another full compilation album! (No set dates for either of these as of yet.)



  1. Helblinde – Ritsuen!!
  2. DJ Triex – Shinsengumi
  3. DJ Triex – Shinsengumi (Archefluxx Remix)
  4. KisekiDJ & DJ Triex – Arcenciel
  5. Smartyz – Dance
  6. Basshunter – Walk On Water (Synthwulf & Rude Effect Remix)
  7. 3R2 – The Scarlet Sky
  8. 3R2 – Ultimate Affection
  9. Helblinde – Hardcore Frontiers 2011
  10. Mr. Mann – Hamsters
  11. Norcore – Skycoaster
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April Update!

Just a quick update, RuffBeatz: Audio Crysis [005], our upcoming J-Core, Freeform & UK Hardcore release will be out for FREE on the 26th of this month! We’ll also have info on our next album! Look out for it, but for now feel free to check out our previous releases! Stay up-to-date by subscribing: {loadposition

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Fourth Release: Degeneration

Are you ready for ‘RuffBeatz: Degeneration’? The dubstep release so dirty that it will degenerate your eardrums! You’ll be hearing comments like ‘This is filthier than the water in Africa’ from friends and neighbours for days!

A special bonus for everyone this release — a free RuffBeatz wallpaper to put on your desktop — is included in the download.

»Check out the preview video«


  1. Womp Rat – War Elephant
  2. Womp Rat – Baphomet
  3. Johnny Foreplay – Bionic
  4. Oblivi0n – Like A New F^ck
  5. DANRG – Mankind
  6. Mathix – Proper
  7. 1-Slice – The Weekend Has Landed
  8. gravy.tron – 1111
  9. gravy.tron – doesn’t + up
  10. DJ Shibb – Hide yo Kids Hide yo Sprites (Wick-it vs Skrillex) bootleg
  11. Oddy – Fscking Wobble
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