White Noise (Israel) / Escape Reality album launch party in Sydney!

#Sydney RuffBeatzFam!!!

>> Facebook event / full info <<

RuffBeatz is bringing the “Escape Reality’ experience to Sydney. Featuring WHITENO1SE from Israel, an act renowned around the world for his chunky, yet melodic / orchestral influenced sound, as well as some of our favourite local/interstate talent to keep the flow. This is a limited entry industry party open to all lovers of Psychedelic Trance music!

There will be various give-aways, including limited-run CDs of the album, lollies, glow sticks & other fun stuff!

Anyone who held tickets to the previous Escape Reality party will have free entry & be given a limited edition CD~

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Kazuki – Four Day Weekend Release

アーティスト : Kazuki
タイトル : Four Day Weekend
レーベル : Ruffbeatz
品番 : RBSP.03
価格 : 無料 / Worldwide Price: FREE

RuffBeatz returns with a groovy artist album, direct from one of Canberra’s influential underground acts – Kazuki’s Four Day Weekend. The psychedelically tantalizing album is now available for download on both Ektoplazm & here on the RuffBeatz website.

Kazuki’s second album Four Day Weekend is a homage to the temporary space of sound, lights, and interaction that can only be found at an outdoor music festival. A year in the making, the album is a unique blend of techno, breakbeats, trance, and acid rave sounds with a familiar psychedelic edge, referencing classic sounds of the future.

Launched at Dragon Dreaming Festival in Australia with a special sunrise DJ set, Kazuki included cuts from the record as well as tunes that have influenced and inspired him in the making of the release.

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The new RuffBeatz!

Hey everyone, welcome to the new RuffBeatz site. It has been a while, finally we are finally back and we’re going to be bigger then ever!!! Most of the functionality we wanted is working great. However, the website is currently released in BETA, some things aren’t finished so if you notice any issues please let us know.

The idea was to create something a bit like a discography/IMDB – easy to navigate through albums, linking to the artists, and artists linking back to the albums they’ve participated in. Woo!

To go along with the new RuffBeatz, we have a brand new, sweet Psy Trance album for you to grab!

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RuffBeatz: Get Mushy

アーティスト : V.A.
タイトル : RuffBeatz: Get Mushy
レーベル : Ruffbeatz
品番 : RB011
価格 : 無料 / Worldwide Price: FREE

RuffBeatz finally returns after a year long hiatus, and this time we’re moving away from our Rave roots and Getting Mushy with a nice and chunky Psychedelic album.

Beautifully mastered by Erofex of Neurotrance and featuring some amazingly talented artists, this album will take you on a timeless journey to a place where the universe travels around you, instead of you traversing the universe.

An exploration of untraversed realms, a new era of RuffBeatz releases… Prepare for your neurological audio cortex to be mushed into pure bliss!

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UK/HH/Freeform: Hardcore Resistance

The long awaited RuffBeatz #10 album is finally here, can you resist downloading this FREE banging release? Featuring new artists and driving hardcore basslines that just make you want to party… You don’t wanna skip this!

Just have a listen to the below preview and make up your own mind. \(^ ^)/



  1. KisekiDJ & DJ Triex – Arcenciel (S3RL Remix)
  2. Audio Warfare – Americana (Riff Mix)
  3. Hi-Marx & RichBdaMAN – Breathe Again (Da Rudeboyz Anthem)
  4. DJ Triex – How Do You Do
  5. Daniel Seven & Nakura – Bakanbetanbitendrag
  6. Ranzor – Shining Light
  7. Moogl3 & REViSE – Post Script
  8. DJ 490 – Cloudy (3R2 Remix)
  9. DJ Triex – Code 6
  10. Aghast – Spine Splitter
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Freeform Release: Freeformatted Vol. 1

アーティスト : V.A.
タイトル : Freeformaniacs & RuffBeatz Present – Freeformatted Vol. 1
レーベル : Ruffbeatz/Freeformaniacs
品番 : RB009
価格 : FREE / Worldwide Price: FREE

RuffBeatz has teamed up with the Freeformaniacs radio show to bring you a HUGE freeform release. Featuring some of our favourite artists in this genre. ヾ(・ω・*)ノ

This collaboration provides our fans with high quality freeform tracks in a new series of releases. Hope you guys like it!



  1. Le Dos-on – TRANSFORMER
  2. Wyrm & Surtr – Yggdrasil
  3. SamHard vs Meke – E.C.
  4. H-Blast Energetix – Back 2 Nature
  5. Firefly vs Pulse – Crazy Pillz
  6. Cytik – Say Yeah
  7. DAT – Titan
  8. Apex – Instinct
  9. Erkenfresh – Rapid Lucidity
  10. Custom Built DJs – Everest
  11. Custom Built DJs – More Important Things
  12. Qygen – Glasseyes
  13. Kilamorza – Sirius
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Buy Hardcore Seduction Vol.1

アーティスト : V.A.
タイトル : Hardcore Seduction Vol.1
レーベル : Ruffbeatz/TM Sounds Label
品番 : TM-RB001
価格 : 1,800円(税込) / Worldwide Price: $20 AUD

S3RL and DJ Triex, just returned from the album launch party in Tokyo, Japan and man what a crazy awesome party it was! The CD is available to people in Japan right now at http://j-core.biz/ as well as the Guhroovy Shop in Shibuya, Japan.

For people outside of Japan the worldwide release will be on the 29th and CDs will be available right here on the RuffBeatz website as well as on Amazon.

Like RuffBeatz on Facebook to stay up to date!

Heres the tracklist, if you missed it last time.

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Hardcore Seduction Vol.1 Info

アーティスト : V.A.
タイトル : Hardcore Seduction Vol.1
レーベル : Ruffbeatz/TM Sounds Label
品番 : TM-RB001
価格 : 1,800円(税込) / Worldwide Price: $20 AUD

『RuffBeatz: Hardcore Seduction Vol. 1』 is very near. For those of you who are out of the loop – that’s the HUGE CD release that we’ve been planning! Finally we can release the full tracklist to you.

『RuffBeatz: Hardcore Seduction Vol. 1』もうすぐリリース!僕らの作ったこのチョースゴイCD☆待っていたみんな、あともうスグだからね !やっと出来たCDのトラックリストも公開です!


  1. S3RL feat Tamika – Big In Japan
  2. Skeets vs. Archelix feat. Ashley Lawson – Come Closer
  3. Eufeion – Never Forgotten
  4. Influx – Hardcore Invasion (2012 mix)
  5. Helblinde – Alternative 00
  6. Mr. Mann – Bounce With It
  7. M-Project – Karman Line
  8. DJ Shimamura – Realize
  9. DJ Triex – Shinsengumi (Weaver Remix)
  10. KisekiDJ & DJ Triex – Arcenciel (Ultraviolence Emotions Remix)
  11. Daniel Seven – Winter (Take Me Away)
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