RuffBeatz: Escape Reality Vol.1


Escape Reality Vol. 1

Cat#: RB013

Released: November, 2016

RuffBeatz brings forth the most mind-blowing compilation album of the millennia. An astronomical adventure awaits. Stars from all corners of the universe have been sent on a voyage to earth to enlighten and radiate their sound, bringing us to Escape Reality.

WHITENO1SE, Skazi, ShiBass, Progix, Mandragora, Devochka, CeZZers, LocoWeed, Beat Controllers, Thoruswrath, and Aquatica have all come together to distort your mind. We’re really pleased with the outcome of this VA!

Join us in roaming towards other dimensions through phenomenal soundscapes.


  1. Skazi - Open Your Mind
  2. White Noise & Aquatica - Energy
  3. ShiBass - Du Hast
  4. Mandragora x Devochka - Drevoshka
  5. Progix - Banana Power
  6. Major7 & D-Addiction - Drugs (LocoWeed Remix)
  7. Daft Punk - The Grid (Beat Controllers EP Mix)
  8. Skazi & WHITENO1SE - Fight
  9. ThorusWrath - Nos Nok
  10. CeZZers - The Mirage